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We are who we are...

and nothing less

11/22/05 10:33 pm - metalxmonkey - Danny Glover enjoys Video Games

2/2/05 01:00 am - metalxmonkey

11/27/04 09:06 pm - metalxmonkey


11/24/04 02:42 pm - monster_meal - ** My Strange Music **


I know how badly Jaclyn wanted some posts in this community.  Sharing my music is often very embarassing for me, but via the internet it's much easier as I don't need to stand there feeling dumb as someone is listening to a song.  It's pretty experimental stuff, actually, and I never really cared about a song being dancy, or in some cases even listenable.  The point is that it's an outlet for me and it can be whatever I want it to be.  The music comes closer then anything else to totally expressing who I am and how I'm feeling when I create it.  Sounds pretty whimsical and lame, yes, but if I didn't say SOMETHING, I mean, nobody is gonna even listen.  :P

She also wants me to post comics in here but they are huge and screw up friend pages.  If your interested, they're posted in my journal as I feel like doing them.  Soon they'll have a homepage, and on that sad day for this planet, I will post the link here.

~Keep it Chewy

11/24/04 11:55 am - metalxmonkey

11/16/04 11:14 pm - metalxmonkey

This community needs posters.

Come ON people. Be unique. Be cool.

Shelby, post your comics here. Pwease? I'm going to try my hand at a couple too...

And I'm going to try and get one of my lj friends to post HIS here too.

10/25/04 04:58 pm - metalxmonkey - People are strange, when you're a stranger

I like meeting new people. 'Tis fun and jolly times.

I wish I could meet everyone on my LJ list. That would be nifty indeeeeeed.
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