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We are who we are...

and nothing less

10/19/04 12:47 pm - metalxmonkey - Topic: Weather.

This time of year tends to be rainy in the Northern Hemisphere, and sunny in the Southern.



10/18/04 08:40 pm - metalxmonkey - .:After 8 Musings:.

I like cran-raspberry juice.

I also like how Ikea's "Svepa" glasses feel in my hand. I'm glad I bought a set.

I also like how Ikea glasses (at least the "Svepas") have the name 'IKEA' and the "Made in Italy" stamp, stamped so you can read it while drinking. I always hate wondering what it says on a glass and I have to look at the glass from the bottom up.

That is all.

10/18/04 04:23 pm - metalxmonkey - On the Subject of Cookie Goodness

Regarding cookies:

Chocolate chip, while the truest form of cookie, can only be made better by the addition of macadamia nuts.

My reasons for believing so lie in the box of chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies purchased today by my mother. There are some left in the box, but it is a much lighter box at this time than at the time purchased.

If you doubt me, please go see for yourself. They can be found at Save-On Foods...on sale today for $2.99 (CAD) at the Ladner store, and probably all or many others.

Thank you, and good day.

10/16/04 11:04 pm - metalxmonkey - .:This life is the only one I have:.

I'm confused as all hell. Don't know what to think or do anymore. Don't know what's right and what's wrong and what's neither and what's both.

Maybe I should just learn to keep my mouth shut? Keep myself saner that way? Keep others from getting hurt? Or maybe hurt is the only way to figure out what's right, what's wrong, what's both, and what's neither....


Why doesn't someone write a life manual? With help.txt files and everything.


x-posted to my own lj

10/16/04 10:55 pm - metalxmonkey - There's these kids....


10/16/04 10:36 pm - monster_meal - //???Grasping???\\

I don't care much for spiders either really....
this community is one of the best uses of livejournal yet.
I'm looking forward to meeting some other interesting people.

10/16/04 09:11 pm - metalxmonkey - Odd thing...

Today at work I was bored. So I decided to see how well the roll of packing quality masking tape would work as a waxing agent on my forearm.

I tore a strip off and smoothed it down and yanked it off. Didn't hurt and DAMN SKIPPY it worked like a charm :)

10/16/04 08:53 pm - metalxmonkey - Watching Television

A Poem:

Watching Television

I'm watching a crime show on television
And I think that if I watch enough
I'll learn what not to do
And I'll be able to get away with it

But I'm not that lucky . . .
I'd get caught.

10/16/04 08:17 pm - metalxmonkey - This is the first entry...

This is the first entry in eccentric_ducks. It is here simply to make an entry on the page. HAH. Take THAT all you...um...weird duckies out there ;)

So um. Yeah. This is a place to post weird stuff that you do/say/think/feel/find. If it's a pictoral post, all pics must be cut taged if they are large. You should all know what LARGE means. Also if they are pics of spiders, cut tag them and label them what they are. Or I'll be mad. And ban you.

I'm making monster_meal my co-mod. If you don't like it, too bad. :P Hahahahahahhaa....or rather, muahahahahhahahaaa...or bwahahahaha if you prefer.

So post whatever the hell you want. Just be yourself and it'll all be good.
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